Elena Sachenko. Solar-Hund

Standort:Ukraine, Tschernigow
Elena Sachenko. Solar-Hund
Hund, Collie, Freund, Freude
Über den Künstler
In 1993 - a member of the Young People Association under the auspices of the Ukrainian Union of Artists.

Since 1994 - a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists.

The regular participant in all-Ukrainian, regional, personal and international exhibitions.

In 2012 the artist won the Mikhail Kotsyubinskiy Award.

Her artworks are represented in Chernigov Art Museum, Odessa Roerich House-Museum, Gabriel Vashchenko Art Gallery (Gomel city, Republic of Belarus), in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, China and Latvia. She was also exhibited in Alexandr Onishenko Art Gallery in Prague.

Elena Sachenko lives and works in Chernigov.