My name is Artur Abramiv and I'm a professional photographer at National Geographic YS. My articles and photos are published regularly in National Geographic.

Recently, my conceptual photo came in the top 25 photos from around the world on the topic “A Planet in Balance”. I became the only Ukrainian to enter the final and to be presented to the world community at the “A Planet in Balance” exhibition. It’s a great privilege that National Geographic highly acknowledged my photo with the following: "​This kind of thoughtful nuance is what sets photographers apart from visual storytellers.​The subtle details that make more sense beyond what we just see are what distinguishes a good photo from a great one."

This photo will be presented by National Geographic and PhotoFest which is one of the largest and well known international photo festivals in the world, to the community at the exhibition under the slogan "PhotoFest Awards: A Planet in Balance". The exhibition will be held on November 7-10, 2019 in San Miguel de Allende in the downtown Plaza Civica, Mexico - the cultural capital of South America.The purpose of this photo festival is to show the international audience the importance of protecting our planet !!!

Thousands of professional photographers from 195 countries took part in this initiative! Matt Adams, Senior Producer and Kristen McNicholas, Associate Photo Editor of National Geographic YourShot have selected only 25 of the best photos out of the 13,000 submissions .