‘Reflections’ is an exhibition at Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery, the main purpose of which is to show the different views of women artists on the role of women in society, breaking boundaries and creating new concepts that bring people, cultures, and traditions together.

Vera DG together with three artists from Saudi Arabia – Tagreed Al Bagshi, Sundus Al Ibrahim, Ayah Al Bitar showed 25 art projects, including painting, porcelain, furniture design, installations, and AR (Augmented Reality) sculpture.

During the Exhibition, Vera DG presented The Middle East Collection ‘Challenging Language’, which includes 8 original artworks in the style of Calligraffiti and portrait painting.

Aymana’s series, which consists of Aymana Moon, Aymana Shadow of a Night Dream and Aymana Cybergirl were presented to the public for the first time and created specifically for the exhibition at Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery.