Adam Kypriadis. "Goodnight", Shot on film

Location:Greece, Ioannina
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Adam Kypriadis. "Goodnight", Shot on film
Imagine a hot summer day on a busy Greek island with all kinds of beautiful people. Just before sunset, everyone has come home to rest. That includes the boats that sail back to rest too, creating a beautiful contrast of suddenly empty streets against a suddenly full marine. Shot on 35mm film, developed and scanned by the artist to achieve exactly the look that inspired him. You may ask for different dimensions.
About the artist
I am Adam Kypriadis, born and raised in Greece. My artistic interest in photography started from a young age and I've been shooting ever since. I have a degree in mathematics which has influenced greatly my work, so you can find an element of geometry in every one of my photographs, I usually use the golden ratio. I almost always shoot analog and develop my own film.
  • 19.06.2019 35mm, KHA, Ioannina