Adam Kypriadis. "Time", Shot on Film

Location:Greece, Ioannina
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Adam Kypriadis. "Time", Shot on Film
Time is a concept every life form experiences in different ways. This photo is a reminder that we have to make the most of it, since time goes by whether we like it or not. Shot on 35mm film, developed and scanned by the artist to achieve exactly the look that inspired him. You may ask for different dimensions.
About the artist
I am Adam Kypriadis, born and raised in Greece. My artistic interest in photography started from a young age and I've been shooting ever since. I have a degree in mathematics which has influenced greatly my work, so you can find an element of geometry in every one of my photographs, I usually use the golden ratio. I almost always shoot analog and develop my own film.
  • 19.06.2019 35mm, KHA, Ioannina