Aleksandr Bolkvadze. Russian field of experiments

Location:Russia, Shchelkovo(Moscow region)
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Aleksandr Bolkvadze. Russian field of experiments
"Russian field of experiments 2" oil on canvas 80x80
Starting a conversation about this work, not to mention her picture of the double: the "Russian field of experiments or one hundred years of solitude". Initially I had the idea to make two paintings that complement each other, and I even started to draw them, but later it was subjected to reinterpretation and my old traditions were destroyed. Later I again took up the realization of this idea, but now it was one large painting of a double name, which at the end seemed to me not quite correctly implemented. Nevertheless, it was quite good, although overly saturated with all kinds of random characters and objects. It had everything you could imagine, so that I did not know that I continue to draw, and for a year have moved into abstraction. My relationship with abstraction is also now seem to me ambiguous, but now not about it. All these years later, I started again, now for the third time, the fifth canvas in which I still, realized, in part, that originally planned, and even a little more.
The fact that I decided to draw this, seemingly, hopeless and too difficult in all respects the pattern tells about some obsession haunted me from the very beginning of my work. I do a very long set itself the goal - to paint a picture with that name, even before he could imagine how it would look. I even remember saying that now I'm not ready for that yet, but someday will grow so that I will be able to implement it fully.
The name of the picture I took from the song of Egor Letov. After all the years and attempts to find some common points between what I hear in this song, and the fact that I would like to draw, I understand that any direct connection here, of course not. In this title have the same words, but mean they seem completely different. Russian field of experiments for me, is more a symbol of time - so I would call that period of my life, in which this painting was growing in me. It is my feeling and vision of all that was happening around, for those 5-10 years, as I became an artist.
The strangest thing about this picture is not what I so long it was, it was already with my other works, somewhere more, somewhere less. The singularity of it is that she's, like, not for me and not about me. Usually my paintings are my personal space, here I'm a guest or even a spectator.
For so long I wanted to draw her, and kept thinking about her, but in the end we got an independent idea of living his own life outside of me, it's like she is not mine at all. I want to understand it, but even when I try to talk about how she was conceived - I have a feeling that she's bigger than me, it's like a kind of space in which I go and explore it while I remember all this. But then again I looked at her and saw a small canvas 80x80, the sense of inconsistency of the idea and its material incarnation is very striking. And yet, apparently, this impression can endure only I.
Apart from all these memoir stories about how I was preparing to draw "a picture of his life", there are a couple of interesting points. In this version of the picture fills all the space and shapes the text. The text is the sky and clouds, text, are the corn in the fields and the earth itself by these ears, too, consists of text. Words overlap and merge into something unintelligible, it is very hard to be able to deduct from this mess at least one coherent sentence. However, is a real literary work, transcribed by me from books that I love very much and he reread dozens of times. This novel by Jerome Salinger "the catcher in the rye", or rather the first few chapters that I managed to fit into the framework of his paintings. There might be some symbolism, though seriously I never thought about it when drawing a picture, the idea seems original and the reference is also very obvious, although it is not the most important thing. More precisely, it's not a play on words that first come to mind: - the abyss and rye, the picture and the text title is too corny for me. I mean that there is another semantic layer.
The Central idea of the picture is the Orthodox cross, which consists of a maze of paths leading to the middle of the field. As well as the original title of the book Salinger's "The Catcher in The Rye" has a direct reference to the story of the gospel – that I was guided when choosing the text for such a large-scale citation. But then, of course, there is a third option, my personal. I feel very much the same, in many ways, with the main character of the novel and it is very important to me. I grew up with him and still find a response to his experiences. Therefore, to capture the story of Holden Caulfield in his own world, for me it was necessary, at least even in this abstract form.
Well, at the end again about the name, it is also largely not a coincidence, for me it is a kind of very neutral and objective image of the spirit of the time, the heir of which I am. In this picture there are all the clichéd characters that finds out any who lived in former Soviet Union. In this perspective, the picture seems very simple and naive, even to some extent positive. Another thing is that all depicted here, but the scenery among which played a much more complex and deep stories.
About the artist

2007-2015 участие в десятках аукционов и предаукционных выставках, проводимых аукционным домом «Гелос» ;
28-30 октября 2008, ВВЦ , выставка "НЕКРОПОЛЬ 2008" ;
декабрь 2008: публикация работ в немецком журнале "Ostwind" ;
июнь-сентябрь 2009 – экспозиция нескольких картин в арт-подвале «шоколадная фабрика» ;
Участвовал в роли эксперта в межвузовском конкурсе живописи и графики АРТВЫШКА 2010 и 2011 ;
6-11 апреля 2012 – выставка-конкурс «Российская неделя искусств» в ЦСИ «М'АРС», занял 2е место в конкурсе живописи (номинация: «абстракции», конкурсная работа: «гравитация») , и 2е и 3е место в конкурсе скульптуры(номинация: Авангардная круглая скульптура, конкурсные работы: «Science» и «Beauty») ;
с 26 апреля 2012 - член союза профессиональных художников России ;
Рейтинговым Центром Профессионального союза художников в Едином художественном рейтинге присвоена категория 6-А ;
август-сентябрь 2012 ЦСК "ГАРАЖ" выставка #5 "Музей Всего" ; Работы "Про дурачка или новые Аристотели", "Science" и "Beauty" включены в постоянную коллекцию "The Museum of Everything" ;
27 ноября- 2 декабря 2012 выставка-конкурс «Российская неделя искусств» в ЦСИ «М'АРС», занял 2е место в конкурсе живописи (номинация: наивное искусство, конкурсная работа "русское поле экспериментов или сто лет одиночества")
С октября 2014 заключил контракт с Gaze-gallery и участвовал в десятках совместных выставок, проходивших в большинстве крупных городов Европы и Азии.
Июль 2017 - совместная выставка в mojo bar, Москва
02.05.2018 - 07.05.2018 – совместная выставка в ART-SPACE, Москва
26.05.2018 - 4.06.2018 – совместная выставка в lovely loft (проект «миры»), Москва
  • 01.06.2018 МИРЫ, lovely loft, Москва
  • 02.05.2018 Я раздену для тебя искусство, ART-SPACE, Москва
  • 03.07.2017 mojo bar, mojo bar, Москва
  • 01.10.2014 gaze-gallery, gaze-gallery, Berlin
  • 01.11.2012 Российская неделя искусств, ЦСИ М'АРС, Москва
  • 01.09.2012 Музей Всего, ЦСК ГАРАЖ, Москва
  • 01.04.2012 Российская неделя искусств, ЦСИ М'АРС, Москва
  • 01.06.2009 открытие шоколадной фабрики, арт подвал Шоколадная фабрика, Москва
  • 01.12.2009 Некрополь, ВВЦ, Москва
  • 10.06.2009 предаукционные выставки, Гелос, Москва
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