Alexandro de`Ab. " DrawingRain"

Location:Switzerland, Zurich
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Alexandro de`Ab. " DrawingRain"
Rain is the water of heaven falling from the clouds. Water is the source of life on Earth. Water is an essential substance for all living things on Earth. The author transcendentally portrayed what rain could have drawn if he had the talent to create solid substances. The author did this instead of him in the picture " DrawingRain" in the harbor old port.
About the artist
В 2011 году имел неосторожность разделить единицу на ноль в попытках синтезации пятиугольного треугольника и этим получил от рептилоидов философский дар атригуляции сущности вещей и фотонический кварк реализма бытия, что в итоге сделало из автора "мастера стихий" слышащий голоса Ван Гога, Манэ, Малевича , Мунка, Босха, Дали, да Винчи и других. Они дают авторы советы и помогают творить современное искусство.

In 2011, he had the imprudence to divide the unit by zero in attempts to synthesize a pentagonal triangle and there by from the race of alien reptiloids received the philosophical gift of attributing the essence of things and the photonic quark of realism of life, which ultimately made the author of the “element master” hearer the voices of Van Gogh, Manet, Malevich, Munch, Bosch , Dali, da Vinci and others. They give the authors advice and help create modern art.
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