Location:Ukraine, Kyiv
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I was inspired by Chinese illustrations in the painting. The painting "self-destruction" depicts a samurai who has just released an arrow from a bow, and was instantly wounded. The philosophy of the picture lies in the consequences of decisions, destruction leads to destruction, everything returns effect of "boomerang" . Calm image of the sky blends with the clothing patterns arrow and attaches to the integrity of the picture. Cropped format adds the effect of tension of the arrows so the viewer can fully immerse themselves in the work status. Streams of sky give extra movement, and the gaze fixed on the anticipation of the shot.
About the artist
Меня зовут Алия, мне 19 лет. Я молодой киевский художник, интересуюсь разными техниками живописи. На данный момент обучаюсь монументальной живописи в Национальной академии изобразительных искусств и архитектуры.
Участвовала в ежегодном конкурсе живописных работ имени Мурашка.