Series "Mirages"

Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Product availability: On order
Anastasiia Djoconda. Series "Mirages"
About the artist

I do not know who are you.. And I do not know whether you really are a German who is interested in art.
But I have no choice. I live in Ukraine, I was chosen on Europe Property Awards 2018. This is the most prestigious architectural event in the world, you know.

In my country, a lot of problems. These are corruption and family preupny clans, not interested in development, but only in enrichment. Very cheap workers, cheap materials and a high selling price. It's boring for me.

And we have closed all payments (except private) . I can’t sell work through paypal or ebay, because I can’t activate account. This is the policy of the Ukrainian central bank.

I have never exhibited my artwork and most of them are available only for digital printing. And now I want to sell them for the first time. Because we have a lot of problems in the country.

And I'm looking for a job. I'm looking for a job as an interior designer, just a designer or furniture designer. I can do everything - draw, do 3D visualization, maintain repairs and select materials. I am ready to come or work remotely. I make cool interiors, but I am not a member of the family of politicians, so they do not give me orders.

I just want to do design and art, as before.