“Anthology of Russian poetry:”

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Anthology of Russian poetry:
Anthology of Russian poetry: With a commentary and biographical notes: [In 2 parts]: [Najah.]: Russian Anthology / Translated By John Boeringa. [In English.yaz.] Specimens of the russian poets: With preliminary remarks and biographical notices / Translated by John Bowring

Second edition, with additions. Part 1 .- Printed by R. and A. Taylor (Printed by R. and A. Tailor), 1821 .- [2], XXXVI, 240 p.; Part 2 .- Printed by Thomas Davison (Printed by Thomas Davison), 1823 .- XXII, [2], 271, [5] p. - 17,5 x 10.0. Vol. 1 in the later cardboard with pasted on spine label. Vol. 2 modern polukarova cover with full-colour stamping on the spine. Block V. 1 is uncut. Spine vol. 1 - with loss of fragments. The endpapers and a sawn-off shotgun V. 1 with Fox spots. Unit 1 divided into two parts, (SS.96-97). The safety is average. Among the authors included in the anthology: Lomonosov, Dmitriev, Zhukovsky, Mertsalov, Dolgoruky, Batyushkov, Vyazemsky, Karamzin, Chemnitzer, Fires, wings, beavers, Karlin. Translated "Anthology" John Bowring (John Bowring, 1792-1872), English statesman, traveller and writer. Gained fame as a collector and a skilled interpreter of European folklore and poetry: "Specimens of the Russian poets" (2 vols London, 1821-23), "Batavian anthology" (London, 1824), "Specimens of the Polish poets" (London, 1827), "Servian popular po e try" (London, 1827), "Esthonian Anthology" (London, 1832), "Poetry of the by the Magyars" (London, 1830), and "Ancient poetry and romances of Spain" (London, 1824), “The Kingdom and people of Siam” (1857), “Visit to the Philippine Islands” (1859). Rare Rossica.
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