Artur Abramiv. Predator. White Day. Shark / Predator. Day. Shark

Location:Ukraine, Novyi Rozdil
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Artur Abramiv. Predator. White Day. Shark / Predator. Day. Shark
Few people know that white can be thousands of shades.I create the image of a unique author's technique - thousands of shades of white. Thanks to this I managed to achieve the effect of a "phantom" when the human mind refuses to see. But with the adaptation of the eye elements of numerous shades like a puzzle instantly match up and form an unexpected figurative image. Then change skepticism and curiosity comes experience. These pictures help anyone to test my gut to see the shades.

Also, this project has not only aesthetic value, but also conceptual. This name "Predator. White day "I wanted to intrigue and excite global is a rhetorical question. Actually "Predator. White day "is the story of people that their way of life resemble predators. People who behave ruthlessly in life that go over the heads for the sake of their ambitious plans, who are willing to break anyone just to achieve their selfish goals. We may in society not immediately see them, as you will not see predators in my paintings. But, if very carefully and closely, you look closely, you will see who is who.
I'm breaking a rhetorical question: "what is historically missed, that we are human beings, the highest form of existence, began to consciously live by the rules of the lower forms of existence?". The law of the jungle. The world encourages us to live by these laws. This project I find their protest and the attitude. We humans possess the highest intelligence. Therefore, we must not injuriously to solve problems, and to seek a peaceful resolution.
About the artist
Artur Abramiv - his name is familiar to many. He is also known for being an experimental artist whose works are recognized by the geniuses of world art, as well as a professional photographer whose photographic works are published in numerous publications around the world, including National Geographic. The area of interest of the artist includes the creating of new styles, the search for new forms of art, the creation of conceptual projects that are able to change people's minds expanding horizons.


“Dear Artur, Your pictures show your unique gift from Jehovah, the Greatest Artist! You have a lot of imagination and I enjoyed seeing it!”
- Margaret Keane genius American artist, creator of the "KEANE EYES" style. Changed the course of history, becoming one of the most influential artists in the history of contemporary art

“I consider your works to be interesting and extraordinary. I like your pictorial and graphic experiments. I believe in your successful creative prospects.”
- Ivan Marchuk, genius Ukrainian artist, creator of the unique "Plʹontanizm", recognized by the British "Daily Telegraph" one of 100 geniuses in the world

“This kind of thoughtful nuance is what sets photographers apart from visual storytellers. The subtle details that carry a greater meaning beyond what we simply see is what distinguishes a good photograph from a great one.”
- National Geographic

“I like it. I love your work very much!”, “His paintings are something very unusual! I highly recommend seeing it live!”
- Lyubomyr Melnyk, ingenious and fastest pianist in the history of the world, the creator "Continuous Music" style

- Bingene Armenteros, Vice President and acting member of Asociación Dominicana de Críticos de Arte/Asociación Internacional de Críticos de Arte. (ADCA/AICA)
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