Aurora, or dawn
Aurora, or dawn in the ascent / Translated by A. Petrovsky.
Boehme, Jacob
the Publishing house "Musaget".; typography T-VA A. A. Levenson. XV, 406, [6] p. (Edition Orpheus: Book.VI). 21,5 x 17,0 cm 2012 copies of the First edition in Russian. Boehme, or Boehm, Yakov (Jacob) (1575-1624) was a German Theosophist, a Gnostic, a mystic. According to the testimony of a philosopher, twice (1600 and 1610), he experienced a state of illumination, when he revealed the essence of things. Trying to convey this experience, Boehme wrote a book called "Aurora, or the dawn" (1612), for which seven years under house arrest and prohibited from writing. The persecution by the Lutheran clergy, raised its authority among Protestants. In modern policosanol cover with gold embossing. Bleed with brown specks. Art publishing cover stored under cover. The safety is very good. Rare edition
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