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Drawing with a ballpoint pen on a piece of paper. Genius portrayed himself.

A few words about the author:
Goryunov, Eugene N. (1944, Leningrad – 1994, St. Petersburg). Grew up without a father (according to Yu Nashivochnikov father is Deputy Minister for trade of the Leningrad region), a mother – worker. He studied at the Leningrad railway school, in the naval school. He worked as a mechanic, a Turner, a sailor. In 1980 he emigrated. Lived two years in USA, and then in Austria, Italy, and France. In 1989 he returned to Russia. Killed himself.

The painting was done fifteen years in the Studio, DK im. V. P. Kapranov, O. Sidlin. There is evidence that he studied more Ivanov than Sidlin. He sidelines in the unity of composition, color resonance, in the pouring light, the ability to carve light "from rags", in an almost monochrome picture of a lot of work. Ivanov it is close more than the other sillince dynamics. Close fluidity, porous borders, vibrating reflex. But in works of the 1970s is uncharacteristic of this school impressionistically and complex, layered space. The works of this time clearly divided into the enlightened, gentle, lightweight, silvery-green or gilded by the sun ("Pearl forest", "the Park", "Café in the summer garden", "blue" still lifes) and Moody representing the "dark period" of the Studio Sidlin: slightly protruding from the deep darkness of the skull, portraits of the elderly, lightning or swampy scenery. Landscape, in its ambiguity and anxiety is becoming the mystical and romantic character. In his works, sometimes there is a visible contradiction between high culture, stunning landscapes and pariacoto, salon effects. One and the same thing multiplied many times, as in the system of mirrors. In the Studio Sidlin to Express emotions are not taught, the artist was not other means of transmission of his overflowing feelings. Romantic feeling passed later in the religious excitement, aggravated by the disappointment caused by emigration. In later works, Golden and black, the artist still insufficiently reinforced svetonosnost, it fills the picture streams falling light rain, fiery vortex. As if competing with Theophanes the Greek or El Greco, he writes frantic, feverish images of saints or prophets. This condition was a strong contrast with reality, which he could not resist.
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