Oil on canvas.
Size: 20,5х23 see
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Burliuk David D. - Russian poet and painter of Ukrainian origin,has become one of the founders and theoreticians of Russian futurism and Cubo-futurism. Brother Vladimir and Nikolai Burliuk. In 1898-1899 he studied at Kazan art school, in the years 1899-1901 - in the Odessa art school at KK Kostandi, G. A. Ladyzhensky and A. A. Popov. In Odessa, he became acquainted with I. I. Brodsky, B. I. Anisfeld, M. B. Grekov. In 1902 after an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Academy of fine arts, he moved to Munich. He studied at the Munich Academy of arts under W. von Diez in school Aschbe, then in 1904 moved to Paris, attended the Studio of F. Cormon. In 1905 and 1906, he lived in Kharkov, in summer he lived in the estate in the Kherson province, where his father worked as a Manager. The young artist painted portraits and landscapes from the late academic manners moved to impressionism. In 1911, he entered the Moscow school of painting in Moscow, where he continued his art education. He studied at the life class under Leonid Pasternak and A. E. Arkhipov. However, in 1914 it together with V. V. Mayakovsky was expelled from the school for the promotion of futurism.

Burliuk experimented in search of his painting style, turned to the latest styles and artistic techniques. In his works one can note the features of Russian, to some extent, of post-impressionism. According to contemporaries (especially of M. V. Matiushin), works Burliuk was a "bold and original", decorative simplified and space-weight, rich in color. In painting the artist can observe a complex process of movement from, to some extent, to cubism and futurism. Burliuk became the inspirer and organizer of the artistic Association "Jack of diamonds", whose members were fierce opponents of stylisma "World of art" and refined psychologism "Blue roses".

In 1922 he moved to America, where he continues to take an active part in exhibitions of Russian artists. Engaged in literary and publishing activities. In 60-ies, held a personal exhibition of the artist in San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, new York. Posthumously, he was elected a fellow of the American Academy of arts.
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