Clock "Gustav Becker", XIX century Switzerland

Clock "Gustav Becker", XIX century Switzerland
Table Clock "Gustav Becker", XIX century Switzerland
Material: bronze, enamel, glass, height 30 cm.

Brand: Gustav Becker is a Swiss watch brand. Future great clockmaker Gustav Becker was born in Silesia, in 1819. In 1837 Becker graduated from watchmaking school and for ten years he improved his skills in Vienna. In 1847 he opened his own workshop in Freiburg. Gustav Becker in 1852 he opened a shop for watches. In the same year in Silesia took place industrial exhibition, where the clock Gustav Becker branded with the stigma in the form of an anchor and two letters-initials GB was presented to the public. Model table clock Gustav Becker received the gold medal for "original appearance". This award was not the only one, followed by others. Since 1860 Becker's workshop turned into a factory for the production of interior clocks. Here were invited the best craftsmen from all over Europe. In 1875 Gustav Becker received a new order from the Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm on the production of watches for the Royal court, after which Becker became an honorary member of the Royal trading companies. Since that time, the business development Gustav Becker accelerated. High quality, design and precision of its watches have won many awards on the panels of the world. 1885 was the last to Gustav Becker, in September, he died. After the death of Gustav the case of the watch business was headed by his son, Paul albert Becker, who at that time was 25 years old. In 1889, Gustav Becker company changed its name to "the United Freiburg clock factory" and became one of the largest exporters of hours on the world market.
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