"The Church in Gurzuf". I. Myasoedov, 1900-1910-ies

"The Church in Gurzuf". I. Myasoedov, 1900-1910-ies
oil on cardboard, size of 21.9 x 13.5
"The Church in Gurzuf". 1900-1910-ies

Author: Myasoedov, Ivan G. (1881 - 1953)


Russian artist, master of painting and graphics, representative of symbolism and art Nouveau, the Creator of postage stamps.


Ivan Myasoedov was born in 1881 into a family of famous Russian artist-peredvizhnika G. G. Myasoedov and his second wife, K. Ivanova, who was an artist too. Grigory did not allow his wife to Express maternal feelings, and the boy was told that his mother is not a mother, but only a nurse. In the end, G. G. Myasoedov, ruthlessly tearing the child from his mother, entrusted him to the care of the family of his friend, the landscape painter A. A. Kiselyov. Since 1889, Ivan lived with his mother in the family estate Pavlenky at Poltava (now in Poltava district). From 1884 to 1895, the years he attended a private art school in Poltava organized by his father.
From 1896 to 1901 Ivan has successfully worked in the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, actively participated in student art exhibitions and, after College, received the title of "class artist". This gave him the opportunity, bypassing the preliminary General classes, enroll in 1907 in the battle workshop of the Imperial Academy of arts, from which he graduated in 1909. At the same time or somewhat later I. G. Myasoedov attended the engraving workshop headed by the famous Russian engraver, Professor VV mate.
While at the College, Ivan Myasoedov became interested in power sports, so I study in the Academy he combined with studies at the St. Petersburg athletic society of count G. I. Ribotpierre. At the all-Russian championship in weightlifting, held in 1909, Ivan won the II prize in the middle weight category (acting under the alias De Crasac). In 1911, after his father's death, Ivan Grigoryevich returns to Poltava. Here in 1912-1913 he organizes a posthumous exhibition of his father's collected works and his collections, continues to work as an artist and with the acts in the circus as a professional wrestler and weight lifter. Lost meat eaters and relationships the art world of St. Petersburg, usually by exposing new works at the spring exhibitions in the halls of the Academy of arts. He maintained relations with various artistic circles of the capital, engaged in registration of a number of publications, participated in the issue devoted to the sports of the St. Petersburg magazine "Hercules". A little later I. Myasoedov was the rector of one of the Kiev art schools...

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