The rite of the inauguration the Kingdom

The rite of the inauguration the Kingdom
The rite of the inauguration the Kingdom of the king and Grand Duke Alexei Mikhailovich: [signed] Archimandrite Leonid

publishing house of I. Osinskogo. 39 S. Plaiting: Archimandrite Leonid. Bibliographical note about the service books of the Vilna print of the XVI century.- SPb.: Printing House V. S. Balasheva, 1882.- [2], 20, [4] C.; Archimandrite Leonid. The gospel, printed in Moscow: 1564-1568: a Bibliographical study.- SPb.: Dobrodeeva Printing House, 1883.- [2], 34 p., 8 l Il., not included in the pagination; Archimandrite Leonid. Deacon Lugovskoy: Tatishchev: the Writer of the XVII century and his essay "On the trial of the Patriarch Nikon." - SPb.: Printing House V. S. Balasheva, 1885.- [3], 59 p.; Archimandrite Leonid. The stanzas, put on hook notes: Creations king John the Russian despot: From the manuscript library of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, No. 428.- SPb.: Printing House V. Balasheva, 1886 .- V, 11, [15], 27 p. (Monuments of ancient literature and art). 29,0х20,5, see one owner's policosanol cover, a modern edition, with faded gold lettering on the spine. Mramorirovannaya bleed. On the endpapers, covers, title pages, illustrations, separate sheets owner's stamp: "K. I. Epiphany" (Epiphany Konstantin Ivanovich (1839-1913) - Church and public figure, active participant in the right-monarchist movement in Tambov gubernia, Secretary of the Tambov Union of Russian People). On the title pages (except the last one – "the Stanzas, put on hook notes") the autographs of Archimandrite Leonid (Kavelin). Binding considerably worn. Spine with tears and loss of minor fragments. The rift endpapers. In the text notes in pencil and ink. The mounting block has been significantly weakened. Individual pages are dirty. The safety is average. Lifetime edition. Leonid (Kavelin, in the world of Lev Aleksandrovich Kavelin; 1822-1891) - Archimandrite, a spiritual writer, historian, historian, translator, author of poetry and prose, and has published more than 300 scientific papers, was exemplary for its time, numerous catalogues and descriptions of the manuscripts of the Trinity-Sergius monastery, Kozelsk Optina, the Voskresensky new Jerusalem monastery, urban and rural churches of the Kaluga diocese. In the present edition includes: 1. "The rite of inauguration the Kingdom of the king and Grand Duke Alexei Mikhailovich": "This Rite was borrowed by us (the author) from a lengthy handwritten Russian chronicler of the end of XVII century (in the library Kavelin), written, as can be seen on some signs in the former Moscow Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy of the Zaikonospassky "ancient of the old chroniclers, at the behest of the Ruler of the state of the Princess Sophia Alekseevny". Extract from "Official Patriarch" especially deserves attention that the "Official" this has survived to our times only in fragments and in complete form only from the time of Patriarch Joachim". 2. "Bibliographical note about the service books of the Vilna print of the sixteenth century" – we are talking about the second (corrected) edition of the Vilna Missal of the late XVI century on 265 sheets. At the beginning of the Missal is attached written in Greek, in 9 sheets, the rite of ordination to the presbyter, deacon and reader. It introduced also: the Liturgy of preparation, Liturgy of John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, and Presanctified Gifts, and prayers read in the vestments of the clergy. In the Missal is three signatures Arseny, Archbishop of Elanskogo. 3. "The gospel, printed in Moscow: 1564-1568" – bibliographic study about where is the gospel, which, according to the indication of bibliography and contemporaries, was printed in Moscow during the reign of Ivan the terrible, between the years 1564-1568. 4. "Deacon Lugovskoy: Tatishchev: the Writer of the XVII century and his work On the trial of the Patriarch Nikon". Lugovskoy, Alexey Ivanovich - the clerk (Tatishcheva and Metropolitan Eugene erroneously called a deacon). After 1654, is not mentioned. He attributed the essay about the Smolensk campaign of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the annexation of Kiev and of the Ukraine and the trial of the Patriarch Nikon. Archimandrite Leonid (Kavelin) proves that the manuscripts of such content, one of the former secret orders (printed Gibberelin in his "Historical research of Patriarch Nikon"), the other of the "Bit book", stored in the library of the University of Kazan, belongs to: first - dumnyi deacon Gregory Karaulov, the second deacon Lariano Ivanov, and even doubts to Lugovskoy something wrote. 5. "Stanzas, put on hook notes: Creations king John the Russian despot". In their study, Kavelin, relying on handwritten this sticherarion first quarter of XVII century from the collection of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, published by the King of the verses, and slowniki to them at the all-Russian festivals: repose of St. Nicholas. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia the Wonderworker, and on the meeting of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God. In the Annex of the publication of the stichera in the hook of the record, father Archimandrite gave the arrangement their liner notes. "Who will read carefully these creations Tsaryov, said father Leonid, and to compare them with those that occupy their place in the Monthly Service Mina, now consumed, one can not but admit that they deserved to be completely standing along with first ancient stichera, and that King John V., is obvious in this respect imitate the Wise lion King - worked not in vain; in short, we can regret that these songs were not part of the current Service of the saints on the memory of childbirth childbirth
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