Acts Of The Ecumenical Councils
Acts of the Ecumenical Councils: [the history of the Church from the first half of the IV century to the last half of the eighth century]: [In 7 vols.] / Published in Russian translation at the Kazan Spiritual Academy.Kazan
vol. 1. - In the printing house of provincial Board, 1859.- 912 p.; vol. 2 1861.- 502 p.; vol. 3. - Second edition.- The University press, 1879.- 304, [2] p.; V. 4.- Second edition - 1878.- 306 p.; vol. 5. - Second edition.- 1875.- 560, VIII p.; vol. 6, 1871.- 652 p.; V. 7.- 1873.- 702, II c. 23,5x14,5 cm In five possessory half-bound, modern edition, with bandages and gold lettering on the spine. Silk book marks. On the roots vol. 1, 5, 6, 7 displaced the owner's initials, I. P. L., on the spine 2-4 T. I. P. Limacina. The bindings frayed, corners a bit worn. In vol. 1 spine slightly torn at top of back cover with loss of tissue, skin-tight cover. In V. 2-4 spine with loss of a fragment at the top. In vol. 7 cover is significantly worn at the edges. Forsty vol. 1, 5-7 is a little dirty. In vol. 2-4 the endpapers and a t 2 at the lower edge is considerably polluted. In 6 SS.379 -380 torn on the side. On the pages of Fox spots. The safety is average.
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