The diary of a member of the State Duma

The diary of a member of the State Duma
The diary of a member of the State Duma, Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich / Cover work Aizvakar-Purishkevich, V. M.
publishing house of National Reklama. 146, [4] p., 17 l. Il., not included in pagination. 22,8х14,5 cm Edition of 2500 copies publishing In decorative cover. The front side of the cover departs from the unit. Spine with loss of the minor pieces. The safety is good. Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich (1870-1920) - a political activist of the far-right-wing, monarchist, organizer of the Chamber of the Archangel Michael, the black hundreds. Purishkevich was one of the participants in the murder of Grigory Rasputin. On the night of 17 December 1916, Purishkevich with the rest of the conspirators Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich and Prince Felix Yusupov - Yusupov Palace, Rasputin was waiting for. According to one version it Purishkevich shot Rasputin wounded when he tried to escape. Purishkevich subsequently described in detail all the events of that night. Purishkevich's diary was first published in Kiev in 1918 (reprinted with additions in Riga in 1924). From the diary: "In the political arena", "Conspiracy", "How I killed Rasputin", "Political satire 1894-1918 G. G.: the Akathist Protopopov, Kaiser, Conjugation, Our pride, About Ass knows etc.", "Facts and rumors: Anna Vyrubova, Rasputin's Insolence, the Extraordinary fate of the dead body of Rasputin", "V. M. Purishkevich (personal memories Book. S. Mansurova). A rare edition.
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