Elena Britova. Иисус. Oil painting on canvas.

Location:Portugal, Aldeia Nova
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Elena Britova. Иисус. Oil painting on canvas.
Иисус. Масло/холст.
Многослойная живопись.
В частной коллекции.

Multilayered painting.
Kept in private collection.

Oil Painting On Canvas.
About the artist
Я художник-портретист. Самоучка. Лица - это моя родная тема уже давно, около 20 лет. А так же иконы, изображения святых_ цветы и пейзажи. В основном мои работы холст/масло.

I have been engaged in portraits for more than twenty years.
During this time a lot of workswere performed, which pleased my customers.
A portrait isn't the picture of a person only. Although it's a piece of art it has its soul.It depicts the most important features and character traits of a model. It's the essence of a person I'd dare say. A good portrait brings wonderful emotions to its owner and keeps good memories of the presenter.
Though portraits are made from photo/photos they still represent a deliberate artistic process. As an outcome, you get a real piece of art.

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