Elena Podust. Flowering meadows

Location:Ukraine, Semenivka
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Elena Podust. Flowering meadows
When a Blizzard sweeps all around, and cold, and very much in a warm region, where flowering meadows to rest, covered with a warm damp fog, mountains, beautiful picture with the mountain landscape would be nice. It will not only decorate your home, but also give dreams, full of warmth and romance.

Acrylic, canvas-based, protective lacquer, frame in bleached wood.

Work done on canvas, glued to the base. Coated with protective varnish. Comes complete with frame. The back side is closed by a cardboard. Additional photos on request.

Size with frame 45 x 31 cm
About the artist
Работаю под псевдонимом Selena Sashina.
Рисую все, что вдохновляет. Пишу акрилом, маслом и акварелью.
Расписываю одежду и предметы интерьера.
Люблю насыщать пространство яркими красками.