Eleonora Taranova. Airy Irises

Location:Ukraine, Mariupol
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Eleonora Taranova. Airy Irises
These airy white and violet flowers could give incredible emotions to its owner and decorate her apartment or even office interior.

This oil painting "The Airy Irises" will become a beautiful present for a woman or girl. Surely it let bright colors come into everyday life. These picturesque irises will never fade and they will please your mother, grandmother, wife every day of life and give them a good mood.

The painting is the original, one-of-a-kind, hand-signed.
About the artist
Painting has become my life more than ten years ago.
The most favorite subjects for me are animals and children. I adore creating dynamic and story-telling paintings. And t’s very important for me to express emotions and evoke feelings. I hope you feel the same as me, looking at my paintings!
In my mind, art is a perfect therapy and could help in any crucial situation.
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