Natural history for youth
Natural history for the young: the bird Kingdom: 183-mya pictures
860г. SPb.
Publishing Korableva and Sirakova. In The Printing Office Of Edward Weimar. [3], II, VIII, 593 p., 61 L. Il., not included in pagination. 21,0х13,5 see In modern policosanol cover, with the corners and gold lettering on covers and spine. Obverse side of the publishing art cover stored under cover. On the front cover, p. [1], title page stamp: "Library of S. A. Spassky No. 186". The text notes with a pencil. Some illustrations are painted with colored pencils by the owner. Illustrations made by G. Galanin. The safety is good. In 1849 he published the first part of the "Natural history for young people", devoted to mammals. In this edition placed a description of "Kingdom of birds". The book was written "not for the purpose of scientific or educational, but only to familiarize young readers with the richness and diversity of all genera of animals that inhabit this world. And if, on the one hand, set before the composition does not contain detailed analysis of the structure of animals and physiological process of nature, necessary for science, set out in a strict order, but, on the other hand, it has the advantage that observatoty of presentation, it is available to youth age for which intended and in a sequential order according to the standard system of Cuvier, describes in detail the manners, lifestyle and habits of birds. Therefore, we believe that the proposed publication can be an enjoyable and useful to read together and a good aid in the study of Natural History, because it does not deviate from systematic doctrine by which science separates and distinguishes animals are often very closely similar one to another" ("Preface"). The publication contains the following sections: "body Shape and General properties of birds", "Different kinds of movements of birds", "the Geographical distribution of birds", "Level birds of prey", "birds", "Order latasha or pornopoly", "Order chicken", Order "Ciconiiformes", "Order lapatovich", etc. a Rare edition.
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