Oil painting “The sound of a flowing rivulet”, Canvas, Alla prima, Impressionist, Landscape painting, Slovakia, 2021

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Condition: new
Location: Slovakia, Velčice
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Filip Krajči
Filip Krajči. The sound of a flowing rivulet
The painting is supposed to evoke an atmosphere of a cold winter landscape. The silence is interrupted by the sound of a flowing rivulet. The finished oil painting is treated with two layers of semi-matt retouch varnish to create a uniform gloss on its surface and two layers of matt varnish. The resulting surface of the oil painting is matt to semi-matt. The painting is ready to hang. More info about me or my paintings in my profile!
ID: 42255
Artist: Filip Krajči (b. 1996)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2021
Applied technique: Alla prima, Oil on canvas, Oil paint, Oil painting
Medium: Canvas, Stretched canvas
Size: 35 x 25 x 2 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Impressionist
Genre: Landscape painting, Rural landscape
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Delivery method: Postal service, Courier service
Purchase returns: 14 days
Country of origin: Slovakia
Object type: Oil painting, Painting
Theme: Landscape, Nature, Rural landscape, Snow, Winter landscape

Information about the artist

My name is Filip (1996) and I live in Velčice which is a village in the Western Slovakia. It's located in the borderline of mountain range and the lowland. It was exactly the environment where I live that had an impact on the direction of my fine art. The north of this region is surrounded by the mountain range Tribeč and it has not only beautiful sceneries, but also is full of birdlife which I really like to paint. On the other side there's Danubian Lowland with sceneries of fields, meadows and brooks. These partly caused that the landscapes (especially the rural ones) are the most frequent ones as a motive of my paintings. I truly like to paint the sceneries of the environment around me on the open air. On the other hand, I love to immortalize the sceneries from abroad (France, Italy, etc.) based on photos. Right now I dedicate my paintings to plein-air landscape paintings. My artwork was also influenced by the environment where I’ve grown up and where I currently live. I try to capture an atmosphere in my landscape paintings that evokes something different in each of us.

All of my paintings are oil paintings with used technique of "alla prima". For base I use high-quality Italian canvas that warrant long lifespan of the painting. The canvas are handmade stretched by me on beech frame. The frame is made from sustainable wood. I'm using oil paints from France and each painting is treated with matt finish varnish after thorough drying. It guarantees even longer lifespan of the painting.

The enthusiasts of art and collectors of one or more of my artworks give me desire to create more. Nowadays my paintings decorate households in Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, USA, Canada, French Guiana, South Korea, Malaysia and Australia. Thanks for your support and interest!