Fridrikh Mikhelson. "Russian field" ("Russian field")

Location:Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Fridrikh Mikhelson. "Russian field" ("Russian field")
Russian field. This space and besplatnosti, wild grasses, and slender spikes, open to the sky joy and infinite sadness. It is striking in its diversity of cultural soil. She is able to take almost any seed, but who knows what a fantastic harvest you should expect this time.

Russian field... Always untilled. Always experimental.

/Una Solveig/

The product "Russian field" is created in the author's acrylic and glue technique.
About the artist
Фридрих Михельсон – молодой российский художник, работающий в авторской акрило-клеевой технике. Призма его творческого восприятия впитала в себя шедевры мастеров минимализма, абстракционизма и постмодернизма, и создала совершенно самобытный художественный почерк #глюарт / #glueart.
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