Gavrilenko, E. N. "Peace! Work! May!", 1950-e years.

Gavrilenko, E. N. "Peace! Work! May!", 1950-e years.
Artist - Paul N. Gavrilenko (1902 - 1961). Oil on cardboard. Sizes: 42,5х33 5 cm of the Byelorussian SSR, 1950-ies.

Paul N. Gavrilenko (28.2.1902—4.2.1961) — artist. The participant of the great Patriotic war.

Born in the village Kostyukovka (Sovrem. Gomel district). In 1930 he graduated from the Vitebsk art College. In 1928-1930 he participated in the creation of the Vitebsk Association of artists of the revolution. In 1933-1936 years. member of organising committees on creation of the Union of artists of the BSSR, 1956-1961 its Chairman. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR in 1951-1955
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