Martin Luther King. Great Old German Bible Martin Luther King -the Old Testament and the New Testament

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Martin Luther King. Great Old German Bible Martin Luther King -the Old Testament and the New Testament
Great Old German Bible Martin Luther King Ed. 1936 1173 - Old and New Testament - Own this sacred book and let God and its power always be with you and protect and protect you!

The Bible is in a beautiful look for its years without broken and missing pages!

The book has old religious illustrations.

Feel the smell of paper and time traces on this invaluable book.

Solid heavy and valuable.

Dimensions: 24 x 16 cm.

Source of kindness, wisdom and loftyness.

Have this ancient valuable specimen sacred script for almost 90 years!

**** The spread of Luther's translation into the Bible was important for the German language. The German language has become so many dialects that German speakers from different countries have barely understood. This has led Luther to conclude that "I have not yet read a book or a letter in which to work properly with German. Nobody seems to care enough;

and every preacher thinks he has the right to change it to pleasure and to come up with new terms. "

Scientists preferred to write in Latin, which everyone understood. Theology and religion, which subsequently transform it into a common literary language used in books, enriches the vocabulary with German poets and chroniclers.

For this achievement, a contemporary of Luther,

Erasmus is called German Cicero as he reforms not only religion but also German language. The Lüther Bible is hailed as the first German "classic" comparable to the English version of the King James Bible, which became one of the first English classics. such as Kloststock, Herder and Lesing, owe stylistic qualities to the Luther folk Bible.

Finally, the translated Lutheran Bible also has an international significance for the spread of Christianity.
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