Silver. Europe. The first half of the twentieth century

On the last day of Chanukah should light eight candles. While the ninth (all the days) plays the role of a service (not a holiday).

Chanukia, menorah Hanukkah, menorah Hanukkah (Hebrew. "Chanukah lamp") lamp which is lit during the eight days of Hanukkah.
Ignition Hanukkah — the main ritual of the festival symbolizes the spiritual vitality and victory of Holiness over impurity, light over the surrounding darkness. Eight lamps, which poured the oil, and now, as a rule, stick candles, symbolize the miracle, which occurred during the uprising and victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks. According to legend, a single jug of consecrated oil found in the desecrated Temple was enough for eight days of the menorah burning. The ninth lamp called the Shamash ("servant" in the Russian tradition) assistant, designed to spark the rest of the candles.
Initially, the Chanukah lamp was distinguished by its form from the "menorah" and was a series of oil lamps or candlesticks with back plate, which allows you to hang it on the wall. A special Hanukkah candle holders started manufacturing only since the tenth century. In principle, permitted any form of Hanukkah, the important thing is that eight lamps were on the same level, and their light is not merged into a single flame.

Age : 1900 - 1950
Country : Western Europe
Condition : excellent
Weight : 165.3 gr.
Materials : Silver

Height: 260 mm
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