The Jesuits and their relationship to Russia

The Jesuits and their relationship to Russia
The Jesuits and their relationship to Russia./ Letters to the Jesuit Martynov Yu. f. Samarin.Samarin, Yu. f
Type. Lazarevskoye inst. (A. Mamontov). 15х23 see [2]; 304 p. Yuri Fedorovich Samarin (1819-1876) – Russian philosopher, historian, publicist, one of the pillars and ideologists of Slavophilism, a prominent public figure and statesman of the epoch of the abolition of serfdom. Great polemical work of Y. Samarin "the Jesuits and their attitude to Russia" was caused by the letter of the Russian Jesuit I. Martynov, published in the newspaper "Day" in 1865. The cause of this letter was spread in Moscow, the rumor that the government intends to allow the activities of the Jesuit order in Russia and the subsequent public reaction. In his letter to I. Martynov defends his order and calls for the debate everyone. It was the letter Y. F. Samarin, published in this book along with a review of the newspaper "Day" and the letter I. Martynov. The book has important historical value, as of the Jesuits, their teaching and activities in Russia in the Russian language is written extremely small, while their impact on Russia in the late XVIII - early XIX century was quite large. In later possessory policosanol bound with bandages. On the title page and some pages of Fox spots. Safety good
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