Igor Eliseev. The Garden of Allah

Location:United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
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Igor Eliseev. The Garden of Allah
oil on canvas
About the artist
Igor Eliseev, Russian Painter, participant of numerous art exhibitions, including 18 personal. His works are kept in private collections of Russia and abroad.
For the last few years the author has been interested in the art of the Middle East. As a result of this interest a new series of works is appearing. In its basis are motifs inspired by wonderful landscapes, architecture and ornaments.
A series of paintings which he called "Magic Carpets" is unique creative invention of the artist. Images of ancient carpets appear in the paintings. Their rich geometric ornament, which intertwine in fanciful way, create a special magical world. Intricate patterns capture the imagination and, as if dissolving in space and time, turn into some images - mirages ...
  • 15.05.2017 Sabr, Art Hub, Abu Dhabi ( UAE )
  • 24.09.2016 Art Fair, Art CAnton, Guanzhou ( China )