Painting “Flesh and Spirit”, Paper, Gouache, Symbolism, Fantasy, Ukraine, 1999

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Location: Ukraine, Kiev
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Irina Nevshupa. "Flesh and Spirit"
"Flesh and Spirit"
When the Spirit looks at the sky, and the flesh is burning with desire and passion.
A strange state of duality.
You're infinitely exalted spirit and at the same time you earth and beautiful in their passion.
Your earthly passion is Holy, as your spiritual detachment.

This picture is part of a series of graphic works "the Spiritual world" -1999 year.

Works from this series: "Source", "Spirit flower", "Flesh and Spirit", "Separation"
ID: 30618
Artist: Irina Nevshupa (b. 1975)
Originality: Original
Condition: new
Year of manufacture: 1999
Applied technique: Gouache
Medium: Paper
Size: 20 x 30 cm
Framing: Framed
Art style: Symbolism
Historical era:
Genre: Fantasy, Religious genre, Философия сна
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Country or place of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Painting
Keywords: People, духовность, душа и тело, страсть

Information about the artist

Живу и работаю в г. Киеве. Основная специализация - художник-иллюстратор деткой книги уже около 20 лет. Так же занимаюсь росписью детской мебели из дерева, под заказ, и пишу картины.

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