Irina Nevshupa. Separation

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
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Irina Nevshupa. Separation
This painting "Separation" ("Separation") is a series of graphic works
"The spiritual world" -1999 year.

Other works from this series: "Source", "Spirit flower", "Flesh and Spirit".

Music these souls no longer sound in unison. This dissonance, cacophony, causing the separation of what was once unified. The tool is broken, the harmony is broken. Now it sounds better quiet.

The music of these souls is no longer in tune. It is dissonance, a cacophony that causes the division of what was once united. The instrument is broken, the harmony is broken. Silence sounds better now.
About the artist
Живу и работаю в г. Киеве. Основная специализация - художник-иллюстратор деткой книги уже около 20 лет. Так же занимаюсь росписью детской мебели из дерева, под заказ, и пишу картины.

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