Iryna Atamanenko. Cognac for the Humming-bird

Location:Ukraine, Bila Tserkva
Product availability:On order
Iryna Atamanenko. Cognac for the Humming-bird
"Colibri drinks cognac from my glass, in a glass of glare of gold from the flame of a candle. Today I dropped resentment, pain, fatigue with mild shoulder movement..."
A translation of my verse written for painting (the original verse is written in Russian, specifically for this painting).

The painting is made by me in a miniature size for my personal pleasure. The dimensions of the picture in the description are specified conditionally, to determine the price. I will create this painting on order in any size, this price is specified for this size. Various options are possible.
About the artist
Do you need an artist 's name? His education and fame? I don 't have that. But I am more than sure that my own style, which I developed for more than 15 years, studying painting on my own, is unique. You can make sure by looking at my painting. It is because I have not been influenced by any schools and academic postulates. I didn 't have teachers, I didn 't take lessons. But I admired the beautiful painting of the great masters, I cried from admiration of their works, being present in the world galleries. I concluded that the artist is not someone who has a higher art education (although I welcome this). An artist is someone who cannot live without creativity. Painting is not just a hobby for me. Painting is my life, love and salvation. I 'm happy when I create painting. I experience incredible emotions and even physical satisfaction, similar to orgasm. My life was complicated and dramatic, and only painting saved me in any situation. In each of my works - spiritual experience, emotion, life. And I want to share that with the whole universe.
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