Painting “Dryad”, Canvas on the subframe, Oil on canvas, Surrealism, Mythological, Ukraine, 2013

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Condition: used
Location: Ukraine, Gorodeschina
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Iryna Atamanenko. Dryad
Mavka is a mysterious, little-studied image of Ukrainian mythology, the soul of a deceased woman, girl, child. Forest mermaid. In the picture, she is accompanied by a black raven. A bird that, according to many peoples, is a guide to the otherworld.
ID: 40410
Artist: Iryna Atamanenko (b. 1972)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2013
Applied technique: Oil on canvas
Medium: Canvas on the subframe
Size: 60 x 60 x 2 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Surrealism
Genre: Mythological
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Country or place of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Painting
Keywords: House, Landscape, Raven, Trees, Women, Young woman, большая птица, лесная русалка, лето, мавка, мистический персонаж, миф, на дереве, славянская мифология, стог, стог сена, украинская, черная птица

Information about the artist

My name is Irina Raven. I'm a conductor to other dimensions. My painting changes reality. Are you ready?