History Belokrinitskoy hierarchy
History Belokrinitskoy hierarchy: T I: With applications and two portraits.Subbotin, N.
the Printing T. Rice. XIV, 516, IV, 144 p., 2 l. lithographs not included in pagination. 22х14,5 see Released only the first volume. Lifetime edition. Subbotin, Nikolai (1827-1905), writer, Professor of history at the Moscow theological Academy. Work N. Subbotina based on the belokrinitskoj metropolis. These materials "with sufficient fullness elucidated a sequential course of events in the old believers over the last quarter century, or more specifically, those in the old believers' societies that adopted the so-called Austrian priesthood for all time of its existence. Take advantage of the collected materials, and that to explain these events, have considerable importance for the General history of the schism, and especially to study its current situation, I think it is even morally obligatory." In policosanol possessory hardcover, modern publishing, with faded gold lettering on the spine. Spine restored. Halves bookends, a fragment of the last page is lost. On the pages of Fox spots, traces of moisture. Good preservation. Rare
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