Julia Bezshtanko. dancing with the animals

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Julia Bezshtanko. dancing with the animals
"It is a great miracle, Asclepius, is man, animal, worthy of respect and adoration. For he is in the divine nature of this place, as if he were God; he is a close family of demons and knowing that it has the same origin, despises the human part of his being, wanting to be associated only with the divine essence. How successfully created human nature! He connected with the gods. The man despises all earthly things, that there is in it, but he's bound by the bonds of love with all other beings, which is universal Order. He directs his gaze to the sky, and in this happy intermediate position in which it is placed, loves the fact that below him, and love themes. what is above it..."
Hermes Trismegistus and the hermetic tradition of the East and West.
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Художник,занимающийся разными видами искусства,будь то перформанс,видео--арт,фотографии,скульптуры.инсталляции.Еще пою.
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