Edward Chalmers Leavitt. The painting "the vine"

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Edward Chalmers Leavitt. The painting "the vine"
Author's signature in the left corner. The end of the nineteenth century.Specified size without a frame. Edward Chalmers Leavitt (Edward Chalmers Leavitt. 1842-1904) was an American artist. Skoncil private school in Providence, and then Academy in new Hampshire. With the beginning of the Civil war (1862) Leavitt enlisted at Boston in the Navy, but during his service he continued to paint and improve my technique of drawing. Most of his paintings depict flowers, fruit, Antiques and vintage antique knick-knacks - these stories have been claimed by representatives of the Victorian middle class. In the 1870s and 1880s years of the Leavitt frequently exhibited at exhibitions of the National Academy of design. Work the field are in the collection of the Brandywine River Museum, in the collection of the Cahoon Museum of American art in Cotuit, Massachusetts, in the collection of the Cummer Museum bскусств in Jacksonville, Florida . Age : 1870 to 1900 Technique : oil Painting. Oil. Materials : Canvas
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