the Publication of the Book co-op "Petropolis"; Type. P. P. Gershuny. 36 p., 23 L. Il., mounted on cardboard, not included in pagination. 24,0х16,5 cm Edition of 200 copies printed In the publishing cover. The mounting block is loose. The safety is good. Rare edition, of interest to collectors and book specialists. The publication includes descriptions of 23 bookplates, supplemented by actual information on the libraries of the owners of the characters. Owners of book characters – the members of the book society's "Petropolis", is known to bibliophiles (Ya. N. Bloch, V. Voinov, etc.). Ex libris V. J. Adaryukova in this instance, was only in first 100 copies. I wrote about this G. L. Lozinski: "the Book is rare in that only half of the instances, if not in smaller amounts, there is a sign V. Adaryukova, not delivered the promised amount of prints of his beautiful ex libris'and placed them later in the book own edition." In addition, the publication contains a bibliography of book marks in the Russian language.
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