Korneslov Russian language
Korneslov Russian language, compared with all major Slavic dialects and twenty-four foreign languages: [In 2 parts]: Awarded the Demidov prize / Compiled by Theodore Simkevicius .1842. SPb.
[First edition]. In the printing office of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. Part I: XXVI, 160 p.; Part II: [2], 167 p. 22,5x14,5 cm. In the modern bibliophile policosanol binding with corners, bandages and gold lettering on the spine. On p. II of the pre-revolutionary library stamp. The title page and some pages with traces of slight moisture. On separate pages of Fox spots. The text includes owner's notes in pencil. The safety is good. Lifetime edition. Shimkevich Fedor Spiridonovich (1802-1843) - a philologist, a graduate of the Kiev Theological Academy. While still a student, became interested in the study of languages. Upon graduation, he defended his thesis "On the education of the ancient Hebrews, or their success in fine arts and Sciences", for which he was awarded the degree of master of theology and Philology. Shimkevich gets to the Academy the position of bachelor of German language, and soon offers him the position of assistant librarian Academic library. At the same time Shimkevich decides to study the Russian language with the aim of defining its bases and offices of all foreign elements that they perceived; it was the beginning of writing "Kornilova". In 1840, Shimkevich was presented to the Academy of Sciences of the essay of their studies on "Kornikova" and review the collected materials and asked to give them a review and, in the case of their suitability to allow the use of the academic library and to give him monetary help to continue the work. The Academy made the accolades and was awarded Shimkevich half the Demidov prize. In 1842 "Kornilov" was printed. The emergence of "Kornikova" was received by critics very well, magazines are talking about the publication before the release of its sale, so that the Heir of Alexander, who wished to see the book, sent to Shimkevich his Marshal V. D. olsufiev. Also Shimkevich owned by: "a Look at Russian Chronicles in a philological respect," "description of the manuscripts in the library of the Kiev Academy", "Dissertatio de fatis linguae graecae ejusque cognitione" (the manuscript is not finished on the occasion of the closing of Vilnius University) and others. "Kornilov" is mentioned in the N. B. (N. And. Berezin; H 1) No. 674. Rare.
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