Beauty of Russian history
Beauty of Russian history, containing all that was most curious and remarkable in the annals of this nation, from the IX century until the reign of Catherine II, inclusive : this work is for the instruction of youth : Adorned with 12 engraved drawings : [FR.yaz.] Nougaret, P.-J.-B. (Nougaret, P.-J.-B.)
2nd edition. The Belin-Le Prie, bookseller, Printing A. d Mom in Angers (Chez Belin-le Prieur, Libraire; Angers, de l imprimerie d A. Mame). [2], 414 p., 1 sheet of frontispiece (engraved portrait of Peter I), 11 engraved illustrations not included in pagination. 17,6 x 10.8. Wrapper with printed label on the spine, containing the title of the book. The unit is not circumcised. On separate pages, illustrations traces of moisture. The safety is good.
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