Kupava N. N. Catalogue graphics, 1978

Kupava N. N. Catalogue graphics, 1978
The author - Kupava Nikolai Nikolaevich born in 1946 Dimensions: with frame - 21х15,5 cm BSSR, 1978

Kupava Nicholas
31.01.1946 G. was born in Orsha

1963-1968 – studied in Minsk art vocally. Teacher – Oleg Lutsevich.

In 1976 – graduated from the graphic Department of the Belarusian state theatre and art Institute. The master: Professor P. Lyubomudrov, associate Professor V. Sharangovich .

With 1972 begins exhibiting.

From 1978 – member of the Belarusian Union of artists.

1976-1978 – lecturer at the Minsk art College named Glebov.

1982-1984 – art Director of the magazine “Youth”

1990 – 1996 – Deputy Director of the Minsk art College named Glebov at the Belarus Academy of arts.

One of the founders of the Association “Pahonia” in Belarusian Union of artists. 1998-2004 – Chairman of the Association “the Chase”.

2002-2006 – teacher of drawing and watercolor at the faculty of architecture BNTU.

Works in the field of book and easel graphic art, watercolors, paintings.

Performed the artistic decoration of more than 35 books and publications. For artistic finish encyclopedia “Francis Skaryna and his time” (1988) awarded by the diploma and the medal of Francisk Skarina.

1996 - laureate of the Belarusian Fund of Tadeusz Kosciuszko

1996 – winner of the “Eternal city” and awarded a trip to Rome.

2011 – Awarded the highest rating "the privilege of the Belarusian Fund named after Lev Sapieha for the excellent design of the book of fairy tales Ow.Karatkevich "Swan monastery"

Participated in more than 90 national, personal and international exhibitions. Including a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Church named after K. Turovsky - 2007, as well as a collective exhibition in the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC, 2010.

The artist's works are kept in National art Museum of Belarus, the State Museum of the great Patriotic war of Belarus, the State literary Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich, the State literary-memorial Museum of Yakub Kolas, Minsk regional Museum in Molodechno in the Museum of history and culture of Orsha district, the Museum-reserve “Zaslavl” in the Belarusian Museum in new York and in private collections in many countries.
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