“who is he?” Canvas Acrylic paint Abstractionism Mythological 2019

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Location: Russia, Tomsk
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Lana Boyko
Lana Boyko. who is he?
This is a story about higher civilizations, reptiles, aliens-as we all usually call them- feed on our energy. This is a story that you need to Wake up, you need to live consciously, otherwise, we are waiting for imminent death. and destruction the whole world.

It is this art that displays the first global acquaintance with a person. Here is a man lying on the ground, he woke up, and these two Chubriks look at him, because they wonder what it is. And because they didn't know anyone was on this planet. The man lost consciousness from the fact that these aliens broke the dome, and it seemed to be "covered" by the shock wave. This happened suddenly, suddenly the sky has changed, dome fell and we can watch real happening.
They're not the ones who enslaved us and locked us up. They are the ones who will "save" us, help us Wake up, because when people see them in scale....they will stop sleeping in life. Many civilizations will clash....a few higher ones-aliens-and our civilization.
ID: 24589
Artist: Lana Boyko (b. 2001)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Acrylic paint, Mixed media
Medium: Canvas
Size: 1 x 70 x 50 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Abstractionism
Genre: Mythological
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Information about the artist

mmmm....I was born in 2001, on March 16.
we...we all need to Wake up.
you have to stop living unconsciously. and with my work, I show what will happen to us if we Wake up, and if not