Latin lexicon with the Russian translation

Latin lexicon with the Russian translation
Latin lexicon with Russian translations and a full explanation of all the grammar translation and the properties of each Latin word is also the beginning or origin and different Nadezhda of znamenovanie in favor of the youth, a student of the Latin language works Court Counselor Thomas Rozanov .Rozanov, F.
the third Edition corrected. In The Printing S. Selivanovskaya. 6 c. stlb.13-1163. 20X13, refer to the owner's policosanol cover, modern edition. Binding considerably worn, spine cracked and with loss, front cover separated from the block. Title page glued. Block with traces of moisture and minor impurities. Stlb.1145-1163 glued. Stlb.1145-1147, 1153-1163, with loss of fragments from the text. Stlb. 1-12 lost. The safety is satisfactory. Lifetime edition. Thomas filimonovich Rozanov (1767-1810) — Russian writer, translator. Education Rozanov received in the Seminaries of Zvenigorod and the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and Moscow Theological Academy. Upon completion in 1785, the philosophical course, he entered the Moscow Archive Collegium of Foreign Affairs. In 1790 Rozanov was produced in the collegiate registrars, in 1794, appointed interpreter and 1800 dismissed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the rank of collegiate assessor to determine other cases. In the same year, Rozanov was determined "in the Moscow Synodal Printing Office of the "Director's friend", with special preporucena it nadziranje of all printing and the entire book trade and the Treasury". In 1802 he was promoted to the court and in 1809 in the collegiate advisors. The largest of the publications Rozanov is his "Latin Lexicon with the Russian translation of the best Latin writers collected by Thomas Rozonova" (M. 1797). According to Copikova, lexicon, this is "the exact translation of the Latin-French Lexicon Budtova". Other textbooks published by Rozanov, include: "Russian Grammar for religious Schools" (1808), "Russian Grammar, containing the new method to the study of Russian language, who wrote. Thomas Rozanov" (Moscow. 1810), "the etymology of Slavenski reduction, or Short rules of Slavonic Grammar, composed by Thomas Rozanov" (M. 1810); "Some instructions for use of the student to the Latin language youth, collected by M. George Fogelman" (Moscow, 1795); "a short sacred history for children" (Moscow, 1806). He also owns pamphlets: "the Word commendable something dedicated to writer to someone, and the translator anyone prisovokupleniem of words of praise to nothing" (Moscow, 1787); "Consolation and good advice to fashion, mourn the expulsion of fashionable and expensive goods from her fans". Among the translations: "Nice and interesting stories, chosen from various French authors Thomas Rozanov", 3 parts (Moscow, 1789); "Pharmacist", Opera in 3 acts, translated from the Italian of F. Rosenow (M. 1789); "Olivia, angliski novel", translated from the French by F. Rozanova, part 2 (M. 1789), etc
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