Painting “Bride. Ukrainian Nymph.”, Canvas, Acrylic paint, Modern, Ukraine, 2015

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Lidia Matviyenko. Bride. Ukrainian Nymph.
Ukrainian bride in traditional wedding wreath looks like a nymph. There's a mirror, like water, on canvas, because every tradition has two sides. Ukrainian wedding traditions are interesting and unusual, they have old roots, but often they are strange, the woman hasn't much rights and freedom in those times. One side - beatiful girls, traditional clothes, embroidery, flowering wreath, charming songs and poetry, the other side - bloody history, hard life in the village, cruel traditions towards women, gender inequality, the influence of the church on it. The role of woman in society has changed a lot from those times.
I like to mix mediums, here are elements of collage, acrylic paints, pastels.

Ukrainian bride in a traditional wedding wreath looks like a nymph. Here you see the mirror like surface of the water, it symbolizes the two sides of tradition as two sides of the coin, which is usually inherent in many things or events on this planet. Ukrainian wedding traditions interesting, rather ancient and strange at the same time, for us modern women. On the one hand - a beautiful woman-bride, smoky, rich traditional costumes, embroidery, blooming wreaths-crowns, enchanting songs and poetry, on the other hand - the bloody historical events, as in the world, a hard life in the village, a brutal position regarding the place of women in society at that time, gender inequalities, a significant influence of the Church on society. The role and life of women since then has experienced a substantial transformation.
ID: 15137
Artist: Lidia Matviyenko (b. 1988)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2015
Applied technique: Acrylic paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 80 x 2 x 80 cm
Framing: Unframed
Art style: Modern
Historical era:
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Country or place of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Painting

Information about the artist

I create artworks by acrylic paints and graphic works with elements of collage, including digital collage too. To draw emotions, inner world of human, exploring myself, using symbolizm, phylosophy, metaphorisms, fantastic and mythology moments. I work with my consciousness and subconsciousness, while I'm creating my works. I write an intuitive texts, essay, to my artworks. In my creations I ask myself the most important questions for me: who am I? where did I come from? why am I here? what's the world around me? I've done series of artworks "Fairy tales for adults", "My mythology", "Ethnos. Echo", "Dreams", "Subconsciousness". I was a participant of group exhibitions, art festivals, a few solo exhibitions, mostly in Ukraine, in Poland also.

Создаю картины, нарисованные акрилом, а также графические, с елементами коллажа, в том числе и цифрового. Рисую емоции, внутренний мир человека, исследуя себя, используя символизм, философию, метафоризмы, фантастические и мифологические моменты. Когда творю, работаю со своим сознанием и подсознанием.Также пишу к своим работам интуитивные тексты, эссе. В своих работах задаюсь вопросами : кто я? откуда я? зачем я здесь? что за мир вокруг? Создала серии работ "Сказки для взрослых", "Моя мифология", "Этнос. Эхо", "Сновидения", "Подсознательное". Участвовала в групповых выставках, фестивалях, имею несколько персональных выставок, в основном, в Украине, также в Польше.
Образование - Львовская Национальная Академия Искусств.