The London Congress Of The Russian Social

The London Congress Of The Russian Social
The London Congress Of The Russian Social-Dem. Slave. Party (Held in 1907) the Full text of the protocols / Russian socialdemocratic labour Party -1909.
the Publication of the Central Committee. 483, [1] p. 20,8х14,3, see publishing a printed cover. Cover worn, with tears at the bend; contaminated. The safety is average. The Russian social-democratic labour party (RSDLP) was founded in March 1898. In may, 1907, London hosted the 5th Congress of the Russian social-democratic labour party, called London. The Congress was attended by 336 people, Bolshevik 105, the Mensheviks - 97, Bund - 57, from the Social-Democracy of Poland and Lithuania - 44, Latvian social democracy - 29. ". At the Congress Lenin and his supporters won a great victory over the Mensheviks: the Congress approved the control of the party with the Bolshevik Central Committee, in place of the previous Menshevik. Thus, the head of the party were Lenin and his friends, the proponents of revolutionism, centralism and a strong power in the party organization, which naturally influenced the development of party work. This was the first major victory of Bolshevism in the working-class movement in Russia. A new period has begun, the course of the revolution. The decision was made to cease terror and expropriations. The present edition is "illegal". The first and only uncensored, unauthorized publication of all minutes of the meetings of the 5th Congress of the Russian social-democratic labour party. Presents valuable material on the history of socialism generally and the labour movement in particular. Authentic documents of the epoch, especially valuable because the Russian the history of the party many times falsified and altered for over 70 years of Soviet rule. In the publication: "List of delegates and guests attending the Congress", "Open Congress", "Reports of the credentials Committee, Discussion report of the Duma faction", "the adoption of the resolution on trade unions", "Statistical data about the delegates" and so Uncommon.
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