Ludmila Riabkova. Pink evening

Location:Ukraine, Kyiv
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Ludmila Riabkova. Pink evening
The painting "Pink evening", oil on canvas 40x40cm, without a baguette, sides painted, 2019. Despite the bright colors radiates tranquility and unity with nature. And I want to sit in the evening on the boat, throw a line in calm water, sunset, reflection on water, listen to the rustling reeds.

Picture "Pink Evening", oil, canvas 15.7x15.7 inches, without baguette, sides painted, 2019. It radiates calmness and unity with nature despite bright colors. One would like to sit in the evening on a boat, fishing in calm water, admire the sunset, the reflection on the water, listen to the rustling of reeds.

The painting is sold without a decorative frame. If you desire you can order the frame matching your interior in your own local frame store.
About the artist
I`m Lyudmila Ryabkova. I was born in 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine.
I graduated technical college and got second higher economic education. I studied at the privat art studio of Ukrainian professional artist. My works find feedback from people, they are bought, it inspires me very much. My workshop is equipped right in my house and it makes possible to work every day. This is the most beautiful thing that happens to me.