Maksim Vryasov. "Ermak"

Location:Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Maksim Vryasov. "Ermak"
Ermak Timofeevich (1532 - August 6, 1585 gg) - the legendary Cossack ataman, historical conqueror of Siberia for the Russian State. The legend says that he was "... a Kind of noble, honorable, growth medium, strong muscles, broad shoulders, had a face flat, but pleasant, his beard black, hair dark, curly, eyes bright, quick, the mirror of the soul passionate, powerful, insightful mind...".
Ataman Yermak was destined to do the unthinkable: conquer the Siberian Kingdom! Edge, where, according to the great historian and writer Karamzin,"... In the bowels of the earth are the metals and precious stones, in the wilderness of the dense forests of soaring, fuzzy animals, and nature itself usewhat vast steppes of the wild bread; where navigable rivers, great fishing waters and fertile valleys, overshadowed by tall poplars, in the silence of deserts waiting for industrious inhabitants..." As the ataman of the Volga Cossacks, Ermak, called to be loyal to the Tsar by merchants Stroganov to redeem predatory villainy service fair, rushed to beat the Royal possessions from the forces of Khan Kuchum,and performing is the case with all the jealousy, immediately proved himself a courageous warrior and leader.
On 1 September 1582, at the head of polutysyachi army valorous Cossacks, without the king's commandment, but in the name of the Tsar, Yermak to conquer Siberia. The boldness of the Stroganovs and Yermak with a team first came under the wrath of a king, but winning a great victory on 23 October 1582 at the battle with Khan Kuchum and permanently annexing Siberia to Russia was favored by Royal grace : Ermak Ivan was granted the title of Prince and was awarded two chainmail. They, according to popular legend, and destroy the glorious ataman long after they won the brilliant victory.. When exhausted ermakovo army to attack an enemy unit, Ermak will not have time to swim to their boats, and the waters of the Irtysh river to be closed over the body of the glorious war. But the waves were not able to absorb the glory of the Yermak : contemporaries and posterity has glorified his prowess in the Chronicles, the songs, the images adorning the dwelling, place names and oral tradition.
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