Maksim Vryasov. "Evpatiy Kolovrat"

Location:Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Maksim Vryasov. "Evpatiy Kolovrat"
Yevpaty Kolovrat (about 1200 – until January 11, 1238) — the legendary Russian Bogatyr, hero Ryazan folk tales of the XIII century, the time of the invasion of Batu in Russia. By the time of the Mongol invasion on Russia to Yevpatiya Kolovrat was about 35 years old. Apparently, he took quite a pride of place in the Ryazan Prince was a boyar, or rather by the Governor. He was also rather skilled warrior and talented commander, and possessed great physical strength.
In January of 1238, however, the detachment Kolovrat had to engage in an open battle with the army of the Golden Horde. Legends tell that he hacked up with the sword dozens of soldiers. Among them were the main heroes of the Mongolian Principality, including the next of kin of Batu – invincible Hotorola previously volunteered to bring Khan captured Russian hero.
Amazed by the courage of the Russians Batu released the survivors of the vigilantes and gave them the body of the deceased Kolovrat, that he was buried with full honors.
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