Maksim Vryasov. "The monk Sergius" Sergius of Radonezh 2018.

Location:Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Maksim Vryasov. "The monk Sergius" Sergius of Radonezh 2018.
The name of this person is one of the decisive battles in the history of Russia.
His image for centuries has inspired Russian artists.... A poor monk, became the spiritual core of the Russian people and a symbol of Russian history, the Abbot of the Russian land, St. Sergius of Radonezh.
Information about the life of St. Sergius came to us through the hagiographic work of one of the many of his disciples, Epiphanius the Wise.
St. Sergius was born in the village of Varnitsa Rostovskoy region in the 1st half of the XIV century. The pious parents gave Bartholomew ( this was the name of the Holy before taking vows) is a living example of true faith and Christian life, so that after their death, the young man did not want to stay in the world and left to struggle in the desert.
Shortly thereafter, he received monastic tonsure, and already a young monk named Sergius builds up on the hill Makovets little Church in the name of the Holy Trinity.
Over time, in the remote deserts flocking monks, and Makovsky on the mountain there is a monastery.
St. Sergius by his example taught the monks : he chopped wood, carried water, baked bread, combining hard work with prayer and fasting, and among the heavy labor and poverty Sergius and his disciples opened and another, completely unbelievable world.
Beauty and truth a lot of the world is reflected in the appearance of the Saint, so much so that they no longer possible to hide in a remote desert Makowski. Here for the blessing starts flocking all Russia: from peasants and poor Wanderers to princes and boyars... His love extends to all warm and calloused from war and strife of the heart.
Tired of internecine strife and Tatar shoots the country seeks advice and peace at the feet of a mendicant friar.
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