Maria Banachewicz. Life and other joys of life

Location:Byelorussia, Grodno
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Maria Banachewicz. Life and other joys of life
A picture of the eternal conflict of the sexes, the establishment of its leadership, of submission to his opinion, that life can be bright and beautiful, and we are the conjugations of life, and blind,bargaining is possible. The painting was exhibited at several exhibitions in Belarus, the Czech Republic, as well as exhibitions and contests online. Printed in multiple directories.
About the artist
Я ,художник-любитель, участница и победительница нескольких международных выставок. Посещала студию изо при университете им. Янки Купалы (г. Гродно), студию рисования Юлии и Владимира Региневич (г.Гродно), изо студию Александра Василевича. Посещаю мастер классы и лекции про искусство. Постоянная участница выставок.
  • 11.03.2019